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Chairman, CEO of Rare Antibody Antigen Supply Inc., California, USA 
Vice Chairman of Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China
• 10 patents have been granted in at least 10 countries, the United states of America, Australia, China, Iran, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Vietnam, etc.
• 25 more patent applications are pending. 75 patents have been applied including new found proteins in grape, soy, ginkgo, egg, etc.
• Highest level of triglycerides were found in red or green hot pepper, second highest level of triglycerides were found in soy beans (edamame) among 100 tested items.
• The highest level of high density lipoprotein were found in Kieu Hoang™ Wines, AFCC TM and AFOD TM among 100 tested items.
• 55 new found KH Good Proteins from KH 1 to KH55 , their sequences, their functions and their applications (PCT/US2013/024118).
• KH Good Healthy 55 new found cells.
• Self generated power and water plant by using sun, wind ,rain water and triangle shaped lithum battery and drive through power supply station (PCT/US2013/024062).
• 134 new found proteins in soy.
• 134 new found KH Good Healthy cells in soy.

About the founder and history of RAAS Nutritionals, LLC.
Kieu Hoang, who found and lead Shanghai RAAS (the No. 4 innovative company in the world by Forbes magazine), RAAS and RAAS Nutritionals. LLC., was born in Vietnam. He began his professional career in the USA in 1975 at Abbott Reference Laboratories, the current Location of AMGEN Facilities in Newbury Park, CA. At that time he managed the first FDA approved testing laboratory for plasma industry, mostly testing for Hepatitis B. In 1980 he founded Rare Antibody Antigen Supply Inc. and began to acquire a number of plasma centers in the United States of America. A central Laboratory had been established at Agoura Hills, California licensed by State of California and FDA In 1987, Mr. Hoang ventured into China, a country with largest population in the whole world. Through foreign affairs andunder the leadership of Mayor Zhu ZongJi, Mr. Hoang was able to partner with Shanghai Blood center at a time where noforeign company was allowed to own 50% of a Chinese company. In 1992, after several years’ construction and distribution foreign Human Albumin, Shanghai RAAS was established and began selling its own Human Albumin AlbuRAAS® and plasma derived medicine. In 2005, Kieu Hoang returned to Vietnam after thirty years. He organized numerous charities events to help the people in need. He donated 5,000 homes, built roads & bridges, temples and schools. He also partnered with World Bank to provide health insurance for the people in need, provide food and resources for flood victims, HIV Education andnumerous culture events to help attract tourists into their provinces. He funded efforts to promote agriculture and animal husbandry. | Visit us: |

Since 2010 Mr. Hoang has focused on his research in plasma, healthcare, animal& plant care and energy projects. Through his studies on different foods and plants, he has come across numerous findings. Studying Red wine caught his attention. A small grape has 5000 more genes than a human being. In his research, his wine showed the highest level of High Density Lipoprotein among more than 100 items tested items. In 2012 he traveled to the world famous Napa Valley, California and worked with experts to establish Kieu Hoang Winery.




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