RAAS Reusable Pro-FaceMask™ 10ct Box

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RAAS Reusable Pro-FaceMask™ 10ct Box

Masks were always the previous choice to protect the health of the users due to their convenience and optimal protection ability. RAAS Reusable Pro-Facemasks™ are made by skin-friendly materials, especially those with the ability of blocking dust, antibacterial and virus up to 95%. Simple design, perfectly fit the users’ face shapes. They are designed with standard sizes, suitable for all size of users’ faces. 

  • Adjustable Nose Bridge

  • Breathable

  • Soft and Comfortable Fit

  • Efficient Filtering

  • Adjustable over-head straps for better filtering 

5 layers of protection:

Layer 1: White / SSS- Grade Nonwoven 50g obstructs most dust from the air.

Layer 2: White / First Metlblown filter paper BFE > 95%, 25g.

Layer 3: White / Filter sponge cotton 50g.

Layer 4: White / second Metlblown filter paper BFE > 95%, 25g.

Layer 5: White / Soft Grade Nonwoven can directly contact to delicate face skin.

Instructions for Application:

Step 1: Use both hands to gently remove the mask and place the mask close to your face.

Step 2: Pull the top strap of the mask over your head and position so that the strap is above the ear.

Step 3: Pull the lower strap around your head and position the strap below the ear. Adjust the strap to ensure proper fit by adjusting the plastic beads or tying a knot.

Step 4: Use both hands to adjust the mask to the face by positioning the nasal splint over the bridge of the nose.


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